the Smoking Gun Pro Hand-held Smoke Infuser

Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor

The Smoking Gun® Pro produces cold smoke, which allows it to be used for any kind of food or liquid. As a flexible hand-held device, it is easy to use for infusion or finishing with a variety of smoky flavors and aromas. Your selection of combustibles including various wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, hay, and even dried flowers is limited only by your imagination. The all-new Smoking Gun Pro features a large robust housing designed specifically to withstand commercial use.


Smoking Gun
Mesh Filter X 4
Hex Key
Set Screw
AA Batteries X 4
Instruction Book
Wood Chip Sample X 2


Excellent for finishing products that are cooked Sous Vide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke.

  • One-piece, removable anodized aluminum smoking chamber
  • Heavy-duty metal blower fan-will not melt when heated
  • Efficient, low noise motor

"I used the Smoking Gun for a dinner that was held outside where I cooked live for 24 guests. I decided to do a dish with Kona Kampachi smoked under glass. The night was a great success because of the Smoking Gun and the amazing presentation it allowed me to do."


- Don Schoenburg, The Lido Deck Restaurant


  • Includes four AA batteries and two ½ ounce sample jars of Applewood and Hickory smoking wood chips
  • Shipping Dimensions: 10 X 11.5 X 3.5 in / 254 X 292.1 X 89 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 lb / 1.13 kg

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Manual : English

Recipes : Click Here

Other : Smoking Gun Techniques and FAQ


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