the iSommelier

The Sommelier utilizes 90% pure oxygen to experience your beverage at its full potential within minutes. The device filters the ambient air to remove any impurities (moisture, dust, odors) and isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It aerates wine and spirits with a constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen thanks to its advanced oxygen extraction system which uses no chemicals. Purified and concentrated oxygen flows into the specifically designed tube inside the carafe, and moves from top to bottom before spreading evenly through the liquid. This is a very quick and gentle process, and acts through all of the liquid, unlike the traditional decanting where only air is
in contact with the surface.

So what is the result?  

Oxygenation dramatically shortens the decanting time to prevent wine and spirits from a long exposure to damaging elements and ambient temperature. This has three main effects on the beverage:
1. Rounds out tannins in wine providing a smooth mouthfeel.
2. Enhances aromas revealing the full potential of the beverage.
3. Preserves all the complex flavors and aromas released.


$ 499.95