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How It Works

Try the Breville | PolyScience® Control °Freak® Induction Cooker Before You Buy!

Need help deciding whether to own a Control°Freak® Induction Cooker? Breville | PolyScience now gives you the opportunity to try it for 21 days before purchasing. All you have to pay is a fully refundable $350 fee, and you'll get to try the Control°Freak® Induction Cooker with no obligation. You will receive either a new unit or a refurbished unit for your trial. If you decide to keep it, we'll bill you for the remainder of the standard purchase price. The purchase price will be reduced if you have received a refurbished unit, or you will also have the option to exchange it for a new unit and pay the standard purchase price for a new unit.
Just complete the entry form below to tell us your name and your mailing address for us to deliver the Control°Freak® Induction Cooker, and payment information. We will ship a Control°Freak® Induction Cooker out to you and charge your credit card $350 as a refundable fee. The day after we receive delivery confirmation from the shipper will be the first day of your 21-day trial. Put the Control°Freak® Induction Cooker through its paces for 21 days – just be sure to keep the packaging and the box, and all the parts and accessories. Any time within 21 days, if you decide you want to return the unit, just let us know that you will be returning it by calling us at 866-273-8455.
When you contact us, we'll provide specific directions on packing and returning the unit, using a prepaid mailing label. If you return the unit, we will fully refund your $350 fee. We'll send you a reminder a week or two before the 21 days are up, asking if you want to keep your unit.

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