Polycarbonate Custom-Cut Lids

Lid Size Discovery Creative Chef Dual Chef  Classic 10.5 x 12.75in P10LCR P10LCR 12 x 18in P18LCR P18LCR P18LCH P18LCS 18 x 26in P83LCH P83LCHD P83LCS  Lid Size Tank Compatibility 10.5 x 12.75in 10L (FTP10) 12 x 18in 18L (FTP18) 18 x 26in 49L (FTP49), 64L (FTP64) and 83L (FTP83)...

from $ 29.95

Polycarbonate Tank For Immersion Circulators

Clamp your immersion circulator to one of these cost-effective polycarbonate tanks to create a Sous Vide cooking bath. NSF approved and dishwasher safe

from $ 34.95

Travel Soft Case

CHEF and CREATIVE Series   This lightweight, padded nylon case is great for safe transportation and storage of the Sous Vide Professional CHEF or CREATIVE Series immersion circulators

$ 89.95