External Vacuum Sealing System 150 SERIES, 120V/60Hz

 Convenient one-touch automatic vacuum sealing Low profile design allows for convenient handling and storage Instant seal function for working with delicate items Seal Plus™ feature ensures air tight seal every time Vacuum pulse option allows you to apply just the right amount of vacuum Ideal for Sous Vide cooking and...

$ 99.95

External Vacuum Sealing System 200 SERIES, 120V/60Hz

Automatic or manual vacuum control options ensure the perfect seal Instant seal function for working with delicate items Built-in heat seal roll cutter and storage compartment For use with pre-made bags or create custom sizes from rolls A fold-out lift stand makes working with liquids trouble free Adjustable heat seal...

$ 199.95

Heat Seal Vacuum Cook-in Bags

BPA free, food safe for Sous Vide cooking, freezing, thawing and microwave.

from $ 39.95

Heat Seal Vacuum Corrugated Bags

BPA free, food safe for Sous Vide cooking, freezing, thawing and microwave.

from $ 8.95

Polycarbonate Custom-Cut Lids

Lid Size Creative Chef Dual Chef  Classic 10.5 x 12.75in PSC-P10LCR 12 x 18in PSC-P18LCR PSC-P18LCH PSC-P18LCS 18 x 26in PSC-P83LCH PSC-P83LCHD PSC-P83LCS  Lid Size Tank Compatibility 10.5 x 12.75in 10L (PSC-FTP10) 12 x 18in 18L (PSC-FTP18) 18 x 26in 49L (PSC-FTP49), 64L (PSC-FTP64) and 83L (PSC-FTP83)

from $ 29.95

Polycarbonate Tank For Immersion Circulators

Clamp your immersion circulator to one of these cost-effective polycarbonate tanks to create a Sous Vide cooking bath. NSF approved and dishwasher safe

from $ 34.95

Sous Vide Professional™ CREATIVE Series 120V/60Hz

Take the technique of master chefs home   The Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series provides quality results at an affordable price. By cooking in a precise, controlled circulating bath, you receive consistent, enhanced flavor and perfect texture. In addition, side dishes can be held at serving temperatures without the risk...

$ 249.95

Sous Vide Professional™ Immersion Circulator CHEF 120V/60Hz

The Standard of the Professional Kitchen The Sous Vide Professional CHEF Series sets the standard for Sous Vide cooking. The CHEF Series Immersion Circulator was developed to meet the requirements of the world's best chefs and to add a whole new dimension of control to your kitchen. With its innovative,...

$ 799.95

Travel Soft Case

CHEF and CREATIVE Series   This lightweight, padded nylon case is great for safe transportation and storage of the Sous Vide Professional CHEF or CREATIVE Series immersion circulators

$ 89.95