Chamber Vacuum Sealer System 300 SERIES, 120V/60Hz

Maintenance-free design provides professional-level features at a home cook’s price. Excels at vacuum sealing both dry foods and liquids such as soups and stews Operates at the simple push of a button Three preset buttons can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum hold times and seal times...

$ 999.95

Heat Seal Vacuum Cook-in Bags

BPA free, food safe for Sous Vide cooking, freezing, thawing and microwave.

from $ 39.95

Vacuum Canister, 2.5 Quart (2.4L)

Easily store soups, sauces ad other liquids. Quickly marinate meats, fish and vegetables. Infuse fruits and other foods with unique flavors. Make fresh, homemade pickled foods - in hours rather than days. BPA free. Canister base dishwasher safe.

$ 24.95