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Compressing Flavor into a Solid with the MX2 Infuser

The MX2 Infuser quickly compresses flavor into a solid without heat using the INFUSION tool. We use precise atmosphere extraction in conjunction with holding times and repeated pulsing to infuse flavor. The humidity sensors are automatically triggered when the liquid in the chamber reaches the boiling point. This algorithmic programming enables the MX2 infuser to hold the food under low atmosphere, agitating the product with the liquid, and repeat this process until the desired level of infusion is reached.


Compression and Infusion of Liquids Into Solids

Dry compression - Under zero atmospheres, air and moisture expand within food. As the atmosphere returns to the vacuum chamber, the cell structure collapses. The result is a brilliant color, translucent appearance, and dense texture. For best results, use a vacuum bag to hold the food during compression techniques.

Infusion of liquids during compression - To add flavor to foods during the compression cycle, only a small amount of liquid is necessary. As the bag collapses around the product, it will force the liquid to expanded cellular structure of the food and conform around the exterior of the product.


Putting it all together..


Product to compress or infuse

Watermelon (Porous)

Pineapple (Dense)

Apple (Firm)


Infusion liquids

Fruit and Vegetable Juices







MX2 Infuser INFUSION control settings

Pulse - Composed of Air Out, Extend Time, Hold, and Air Return. 4 to 6 pulses is a good starting point. This is based one the density of the food being compressed.

Air Out, Extend Time - Removes air and atmospheric pressure from the vacuum chamber. When the humidity sensors are triggered by boiling liquid, the unit engages its H2O Smart algorithm. The unit will continue to pull vacuum based on time. 30 seconds of Extend Time is a good starting point.

Hold Time - Once the Extend Time has elapsed, the unit will suspend or hold the food under vacuum to allow the boiling liquid to flow in and out of the food product. 30 to 60 seconds of holding time may be used as a starting point.

Air Return - After each pulse the air returns to 95% and force the liquid into the solid at 14.9 pounds of pressure per square inch.


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