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Infusing Liquids with the MX2 Infuser

The MX2 Infuser efficiently extracts flavor from solids without heat using the INFUSION tool. We use controlled agitation, holding time, and repeated pulsing to extract flavor from solids into liquids. The H2O Smart algorithm and humidity sensors automatically sense the boiling point of liquids under vacuum. When the algorithm is triggered the ingredients are held under zero atmosphere while steadily agitating and repeating the process.

Extraction of Flavor From Solids Into Liquids

Extraction - To extract flavor from ingredients during the infusion cycle, it is ideal to expose as much surface area as possible. This may require, dicing, slicing, muddling, or grinding the foods from which the flavor is being extracted. Consider using flat bottom bags or a food pan with a lid. Commercial lidded food pans are optimal because they take advantage of the shape of the MX2 Infuser chamber size. Quart-sized mason jars are also a good option.


Ingredient Types..

Fresh Foods

Citrus - Slice citrus into thin circular pieces to expose the maximum amount of citrus flesh.

Raspberry - The outer skin of the fruit restricts flavor extraction. Quarter the raspberries or muddle them to expose as much flesh and release juice if desired.

Strawberry - Slice thinly to expose as much flesh as possible.

Blueberry - The outer skin of the fruit restricts flavor extraction. Quarter the blueberries or muddle them to expose as much flesh and release juice if desired.

Apple - Dice or thinly slice the apple into rounds.

Fresh Herbs - “Clap” the herbs between your hands to express the essential oils. 

Fresh Citrus Peel - Peel and dice or use a microplane. Avoid inclusion of the pith if possible.


Dry Ingredients

Dried Citrus Peel - Chop the dried peel as much as possible.

Dried Spices and Herbs - Gently warm or toast to begin expressing essential oils. Grind medium to coarse texture.

Coffee - Use a medium to coarse grind and use ambient temperature water.

Vanilla Bean - Split the vanilla bean in half and scrape the seeds into the liquid.

Seeds - Grind into a medium to coarse texture.


MX2 INFUSION control settings

Air Out - Removes air and atmospheric pressure from the vacuum chamber.

Pulse - One pulse is composed of Air Out, Extend Time, Hold, and Air Return. 4 to 6 pulses is a good starting point. This is based on the density of the food from which flavor is being extracted. More pulses may be required for very dense ingredients like dries spices.

Extend Time - When the humidity sensors are triggered by boiling liquid, the unit engages its H2O Smart algorithm. The unit will continue to pull vacuum based on time. 30 seconds of Extend Time is a good starting point.

Hold Time - Once the Extend Time has elapsed, the unit will suspend or hold the food under vacuum to allow the boiling liquid to flow in and out of the food product. 30 to 60 seconds of holding time may be used as a starting point.

Air Return - After each pulse the air returns to 95% and forces the liquid our of the solid at 14.9 pounds of pressure per square inch.


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